This section contains a company media-content package that will significantly simplify the marketing guidance of commercial activities under the brand name Goodrem in a selected region.
You will have an access to materials which were developed and tested by our specialists to save your time and money. Having thought about such details beforehand we help our partners to form the basis of a profitable business much faster.

Our logo

We created the trademark “Goodrem” to build the same trademark name. The brake disc is presented in the form of a three colour circle together
with two words “good braking” which are easy to remember and form Goodrem brand positioning as a trustworthy brand in client’s mind.
Goodrem has been tested against similarly
Goodrem has been tested against similarly
Goodrem has been tested against similarly

Flyer / Brochure layout

Attached files contain the samples of branded promotional brochures and Goodrem flyers. These materials demonstrate the main advantages of the product to the potential buyer.
These brochures are made in a branded colour scheme of the company that also contributes to brand recognition.

Brand packaging

The packaging of our product was included into a general model of brand positioning. Branded boxes contain all necessary information about the product.
All the data presented are rather informative. Such an approach allows the clients to find out everything about the product just looking at the packaging.


Here you will find high-quality promotional videos and short Goodrem promos. Professional shooting and installation give a correct impression about the purchased product.
You can use these video materials for promotional campaigns and other different marketing programmes.