Goodrem: the brake systems we trust

The history of Goodrem brand starts not with huge orders and high rewards.

It is not the story with an immediate success but rather a good example of proper strategic planning which allowed the company to get its market sector among other competitive brake systems.

The work of Goodrem began at a Hungarian factory that was no longer new at that time. Such a production couldn’t be called modern and high-tech which was especially strange for the branch that is characterized by innovations. Soon it became evident, that in order to compete with market majors we had to provide substantial modifications in both the manufacturing process and business model.

The year 2010 became a turning point in company’s history. It was then, that the company’s management together with specialists managed to create a new model of development. Now it was not so difficult to interest and attract significant investors who saw the potential of the company. The received capitals were aimed at the modernization of the manufacturing process that caused almost a complete replacement of equipment at the factory. However, it was not enough to have just modern equipment. It was necessary to do a series of studies aimed at improving the characteristics of produced brake systems and their components.

Thanks to these studies we managed to achieve a significant improvement in nearly all basic characteristics of the brake systems, that together with a reasonable price policy allowed to create competitive products.

An excellent combination of “price-quality” and a good lead over the competitors for the main technical characteristics in this sector attracted new clients. The brake systems soon appeared among the major European customers.

A strong demand led to the expansion of production and new studies focused on further improvement of output goods. We managed to improve the key indicators such as: wear resistance property, corrosion resistance, reduction of braking path, optimization of removing dirt and dust from the brake disc, minimization of the noise ratings. By that time, the major customers had been interested in cooperation. The company had contracts for producing the components for other famous brands.

After analyzing the market situation, own recourses and technological level the company’s management at the beginning of 2016 decided to develop own brand – Goodrem. The reason for this decision was dictated not only by high demand for products, but also formed reputation on the market. Customers know and trust the quality of Goodrem brand.

Today, Goodrem has established on the market, actively promoting its products in different European countries. We have upgraded the manufacturing processes to a required level. We have already launched production lines: the brake discs and drums, brake pads, clutch cables and handbrake. In future we plan to expand the range of products both in these and new product categories. With the help of effective management techniques that have already reduced the cost of production we have a profound base for further development and introduction of the brand into new markets.